i love sbux.

i really do LOVE it. there is absolutely nothing better than picking up a grande bold en route to the office. in fact at this point im pretty sure my body needs it to survive. i have no interest in testing the waters of what happens if i dont get it.

so its tuesday. unfortunately my legs arent better. will i never run again? holy shit, i might kill myself. i am seeing a PT tomorrow and i could really go for some great news. god dammit.

so, like i said, its tuesday. between seeing aunt cori and crew on thursday and a crazy work event that night, to partying with jen and ali on saturday the next few days should be pretty stellar!!!

what else is going on in my world? hmm. im addicted to peanut butter. i have a serious crush going on. i am so excited to go to my first yankee game in august and head back to arthur ashe for the us open. (the company ill be with doesnt hurt, haha)

so aside from being a sad little cripple, im good. think good thoughts for tomorrow. GOOD THOUGHTS! (god ive had too much coffee today. ha jk, theres no such thing)