sunday night.

Its going to be a busy week...good busy but definitely busy.
I do have a bit of an "all-or-nothing" mentality...if do a full workout ill just skip it, or if have pizza for lunch the days a wash.I'm going to really try this week despite having a few really fun events/meals happening, I'm going to keep it together.

On another note my body is absolutely ITCHING to run!  god I can't wait to have healthy legs! been doing my best mixing the gym + super intense boot camp or spinning classes. my goal is to elevate my fitness like never before. tink still like to ditch 10lbs or so...not an easy feat for sure.

I'm hoping for some good news when I visit the PT on wednesday. I could really go for some good news and start really running again. If I can prove to my bro that I'm going to be able to physically run philly I think he might actually join me!!

Per usual I have a crush.

So typing this on my phone. no idea how this will turn out...bit of an experiment. its pretty random (but if you read this blog you expect nothing less) so hopefully this is legible :)

Night all. xoxo