labor day 2012 is shaping up quite nice.

- im officially going to the us open!
- im going to a yankees game!
- im hanging out with one of the coolest chicagoans i know!
- central park picnic! row boats!

bk is coming to visit at the end of august for 4 days. love this kid. one of my best guy friends from college. we skyped the other night...god, i forgot how fun that is! 

while im pretty psyched for the end of august, theres a lot of summer to live before then! im waiting for my legs to feel better so i can run for fucks sake.

 i really wish i could focus on my blog right now. work/working out/crushing hard/life/food are taking over and i get ADD when i think about my bloggy. i gotta get better tho, so much to talk about!!! updates to come later. i think i nailed the most important parts already ;)