fresh new day!

i am happy to report that our 2 day juice cleanse is over!! hilariously, out of the 5 juices we were allotted each day i drank about 3. maybe 3.5 i padded my days calories with cucumbers and celery. dont be jealous! the pb&j and orange juice flavored options were phenomenal! the blueberry was decent but i hit the gym between when i started it and when i went to finish it and by the time i did get back to it it was room temperature and just didnt taste as good. the beet juice and green juices were foul. im a super healthy person, love salads, actually do like beets and still thought these were dreadful. drank a few sips of each but that was pretty much it. ugh.

we didnt do the cleanse for long enough to realllllllly analyze it, but i am happy to report i think it was a fun challenge. i missed the act of chewing food more than food itself if that makes sense. the first day i felt fuzzy, high almost. second say i felt good, very light. stomach growled a bit but drinking a lot of water and a juice at key times helped that. today, the first day we are back to normal, has felt the worst. i feel tired and have a headache. ive been making a huge point to snack a bunch between meals today to keep my body humming along....a pretzel, nuts, an apple, carrots and celery. while im certainly keeping plenty nourished i am tired! granted, i didnt work out this morning and i do find that i feel really tired when i dont break a sweat. ive been working out A LOT lately, and being on a juice cleanse i did feel like resting and taking one day off was necessary.

all in all, a great experience. havent weighed myself as of yet, but might tonight. happy wednesday!!