i was lucky enough to spend the weekend with a few of my best friends which never ceases to remind me to stay in the moment and remember how lucky we are. right when it seems things are really busy, really sad, really stale or just OK, weekends like this remind me how spectacular the people in my life are.

to that end, i would like to personally take a moment and remember mr dowd, who 1 year ago today, passed away suddenly. for the past year he has been upstairs hanging out with my big pops, who i just know is showing him the ropes.

id like to think they are up there fondly looking down on us as we cheer lead for them all over the place! our dads were beyond spectacular...BEYOND. they were the most selfless, athletic, successful, happy and wise men on this planet and were taken too early.

theres no easy time to grieve. theres no timeline for when it starts to hurt less. there arent any rules on how to live life without your dad. jen and i are lucky to have each other as we live this tragic reality but also a part of a club that i would give anything to not be a part of. reality is, i cant do that.

jen, today my heart is with you and your family. im so proud to have known your dad and had the amazing fortune to have grown  up with him. he was there as we began to date, drink and love boy bands. he taught us how to have fun with soccer even when it seemed everyone else forgot to. he laughed at our jokes, thought we were cool and set SUCH an example of how to be an amazing human being. more than anything, im lucky to have you as a best friend and your family in my life. were in this together and i love you so much!!

i know he and my dad are resting in peace. ehh, actually, i think its more accurate to think they are laughing at our shenanigans and chatting about us over beers. they were too cool and ambitious to rest.