bridgette bardot circa 2009

well, here it is. my second photo spread with fine living lancaster magazine. it was a rock-n-roll shoot, where i was made to look like bridgette bardot. i think the picture is fun. hahaha...oh, dad would be so proud...


love the pic...i hate to say it, but uve made some great contacts in Lancaster, could lead to really good jobs or photo shoots,magazine work, etc...too bad its not in NYC!!\very hard to make those types of contacts in such a large u see its easy and quick in a small place where word travels fast! even baltimore its harder to get word out, and this is a dinky little "city"
(not that i am telling u i think u should stay in lanc, cause im not...just nice that u hav made these connections in such a short ammt of time...hard to start over in a new place sometime) i DO hope u find something in nyc soon tho!
hilary said…
rach you are too cute