i am a committment-phobe.

there. i said it.

i dont like to commit myself to one thing...i dont like to feel boxed in.
be it with a job, boys, bars, or restaurants.

i like to always keep my eyes open. not so much of a "grass is greener"
thought, cause, well, im usually a pretty satisfied and happy person, but
just as an ambitious professional. i like to feel educated, ready for anything.

god damn. annoying though. so, thats why, boys, i tire out from you so easy.
i want the next one. and, why, even at current jobs, im always looking. i am
not a "ok, im settled" individual. apparently i like to keep myself stressed out and
confused. thats awesome. i will be going gray at age 28.

ps, id like to live my life a lot like bethenney from "real housewives of nyc"
know her, love her. i see a lot of me in her. (hopefully the really rich part). HA!