cough medicine in 2012

if youd had the pleasure of needing cough medicine recently im sure you noticed it hasnt gotten better since  it was invented a million years ago. if youre like me you cant help but ask why?

im battling bronchitis and needed robitussen yesterday (mom still knows best! thanks for the help with what medicine i needed mom!) and while i will admit it wasnt thaaaaaaaat bad it wasnt great. i mean why cant they make it taste like heaven? haha, ok so thats not a about champagne? or bubble gum? or a snickers bar? peanut butter? i dont know, anything but MEDICINE!

i figure this country can do some pretty fucking amazing things. we can clone humans but not make decent tasting medicine. alright alright so i see where the priorities are, im just saying can someone please put it on the to-do list? thanks :)