daylight savings.

28 years into my life and i still dont really "get" daylight savings. i get that the thinking behind it is for the farmers or something. really though, an hour makes or breaks their lives? really? i grew up around amish and farmers of all kinda and im pretty confident in saying that theyll find a way to grow amazing crops no matter what. so daylight savings, you can suck it.

arizona has it right...only state in the nation that doesnt change their clocks. ever. they have their shit together if you ask me. we change it right back a few months later anyway sooo its kind of silly, no?

whatever, our country does a lot of dumb shit. guess this is just another.

one of the annoying things about growing up and becomming an adult is keeping track of just shit like daylight savings. take this morning. i woke up at 8:30 relaxed cause i had told myself i wanted to get up around 9:30am to head to the gym a bit before prepping for a run. to my surprise, it was "actually" 9:30am. awesome. glad i can count on my cell phone to tell me this shit.

i liked the years that mom and dad told me that i went to bed id either losing or gaining an hour. they were the adults...they knew. now its all me. gross.