we run this city.

tonight marks the third week in a row i will be heading to niketown after work to run with team nike.

ill admit it makes for a long day. i usually dont get home until about 8pm or so. while i dont love eating dinner ay 8:15pm, it is actually, totally worth it. take last week, for example. i ran with a cute boy :)

heres the deal. i have a competitive spirit so when our pacer started the run, you bet your ass i ran in the front. i happened to be running next to a cute boy; the same cute boy i actually happened to notice in week 1. so, here we are in 19 degree weather running around the reservoir in Central Park. i positioned myself diagonally behind him (as i often did with dad and do with drew) and we ran the park. we talked a bit (weeeee!!) and finished strong. its was delightful :)

keep you posted if i see him tonight. me with my bronchitis...he'll love it :)