yep, this totally happened.

just your typical saturday here in the city. despite getting home at 4am this morning, i headed out for a run (thank you drew kelley for being the internal motivator for me). i ran part of my run in central park and ran the rest down madison ave, dodging between sidewalk shoppers and street traffic. as i made my way toward 63rd street, i heard someone yell what i thought was my name. this being nyc, people yell all the time, but i thought id look behind me just to be sure. LOOK WHO I RAN INTO!

aunt kathie and uncle dwight were walking on madison and he spotted me running. INSANE! i was in shock for the first 5 minutes of talking (or was that just exhaustion?!). anyway, this is far and away one of the coolest moments i have ever had.

still cant believe it. what are the chances?!?!?