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dating. kill me.

certain things in life make me think of my dad more often than others. bad dates, being really sick, needing motivation for a run or really needing some good ol' "kiddo love" are the biggies. and theyve all hit recently.

lets start with the bad date. (keep in mind im battling a sinus infection + allergies + bronchitis. so really, im sick too). i joined OKCupid with a half dozen or so of my friends...mainly to have some fun. ive been chatting with a few and decided to meet one. heres the cliff's notes version:

- met for our first date at a cute place he picked in the west village for dinner and drinks. we ordered brie and bread for an app and he got salmon for dinner. i had a salad. this was the night before we were leaving to ski so i was super busy, sick and tired. had a ball though...he was cute and we had a lot of fun. it innocently ended with a hug and i left to ski. we hadnt talked over the weekend but when i got back he texted.

- we met up for drinking the following friday. somehow i paid for all of our drinks. i arrived at the bar 2 minutes after him and he asked if i wanted a drink. i said white wine and the bartneder goes "that willbe $8). HE DIDNT FLINCH. i handed over my card and was told there was a $20 minimum and she would just use my card for "our" tab. i was NOT happy. at this point the only redeeming thing about the night is that we were at this really awesome bar. around 1:30am we decided to head out (it had been 5 hours!). it was drizzly out and i was i said i was ready to go...(he said hed be up to go to another bar). we kissed at the corner of the block where he was getting the subway and i picked up a cab. the kissed was awful (and ive never actually said that about anyone before). not sure if it was because i was miffed i paid, i was cold from being in the rain, a little drunk or just not feeling chemistry, but it was bad. badddddddddd.

- i ran this night by family and friends and theyve all come to the same conclusion: hes not a  gentleman. the response was cutest coming from my grandmother and most heartfelt from my brother. they both told me guys shouldnt do that, no excuses. i appreciated all the help and feedback. i know how much my dad would have loved to help the continued interest in my love life by those that matter most are crucial.

so we havent hung out since. granted its been a week and work has been incredibly busy, but i dont think im game to give him another shot. i am pretty easy going in the things i can look past but he hit so many in one night! the clincher for my brother: we talked about his hair a lot. bro doesnt like that. he wants me to date a real cool guy. im working on it :)

more dating woes, funny stories and true crushes to come. in the meantime im going to run this cold right out of my system. thanks for the motivation bro. ill call you later with more to talk about. xoxo


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