NYC marathon 2012

gahhhhh. i want in SO bad. now that i have registered, talked to my uncle about it and have gotten the results from when my dad ran it from 1982 (wow!!) i want to do it soo soo bad. damn lottery system.

drew sent me dads results from 1982, WOW! he was 29. i will be 10 days shy of turning 29 if i get in this year, so it seems perfect. he ran it in 3:52:11. if i get in, thats my time to beat. (really, my goal is at least 3:59:59. those extra minutes are going to be SO necessary)

im already thinking of the tshirt i am going to make to run in. my dream was to run the NYC marathon with my dad, but im pretty sure running it for him will feel pretty magical.

fingers crossed.