well that was just spectacular.

lo, ali, andy, uncle a, aunt brenda, gamma and mom...thanksgiving totally kicked ass.
dinner friday night with babuski...priceless.

between the florida weather, hilarious memories, private pilates class with a few of my favorite people, spin class with my uncle, massages, baked brie, movies, stories, games (ian, we all still think you cheated!!), and good, deep convos had over the past few days, this was the most fun holiday weekend i have had in so long i cant remember when the last one was.

i have a feeling i will be suffering from post- thanksgiving awesomeness for a while. it was just TOO fun. the things that makes it ok...i will see my bro in just a few short weeks for christmas and then im heading back to florida with lo and ali in february. holy hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

since i went to florida as pale as a vampire, i did get a bit of sun but i need more. hilster needs a tan!!
hurry up february. until then ill keep the memories alive and hit the bike at flywheel. see you soon FL!!