a marathon. my birthday. and my thoughts.

this week is a BIG week! its my second week at maxim (already have a ciroc party to honor the troops this afternoon), my birthday and the philly marathon. i cant even begin to put into words how psyched i am to spend the weekend in philly with my bro and mom...running a marathon, no less!!

its hard to believe im 29. i realize thats not old, but i still dont think i feel 29. 29?! i mean i am almost 30. i still love the backstreet boys, nickelback and sleepovers. i mean i really dont feel 29 at all. until i realize how comfortable with my life, body, friends, family and job, do i realize i guess i am 29. ive gotten to a good place. its a tough time since everything i am doing is either for my dad, or something he would be proud of, want to take part in, or talk about. it helps that i have such an amazing support system...always have, but it always hurts when i think about him not being here. #loveyoudad

while i dont want to hurry the week (it is my birthday on thursday, afterall) i am just SO excited for saturday. the moment we all arrive at penn station is going to be so fun!!! #teamkelley