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did a time warp happen?

so yea, i skipped blogging in october. not intentionally mind you, but i woke up today realizing i had a few things to talk about and saw i took an unanticipated break. no excuse, but i have been busy. ready for an update?

ive taken a few pictures over the past few weeks and in order to share lots of them, i mashed em up into collages. highlighted below are some of my favorite memories over the past few weeks.

i cant believe it, but the philly marathon is 2 weeks away from TODAY! 2 weeks! i remember counting down with drew when it was still 6 months away. i feel ready. i am so excited to see drew, run a marathon, be 29 and hang with mom and he in philly (is my life coming full circle or what?). my post college life started in philly and ive been through a lot since then, all of which started in my time at urban.

in the collage you can see some cute posts of my new favorite training buddy, tennis partner and all around sweat buddy (and crush). i met gavin at nike running club and weve hung out a bunch since. hes an awesome training partner, though hed never admit it. he ran the savannah marathon yesterday in 3:56:30 (sooooo proud!!!) so in true hilary fashion i want to beat it (bragging rights!!). he treated me to tennis under the lights at arthur ashe a few weeks back....WOW!! after being there for the US Open, it was fun to hit on the same courts! crazy magical.

after 2 weeks of interviews and what i considered a tough (but very challenging and fun) project, i have accepted a new job! i will now be the associate manager of integrated marketing at maxim magazine. im so super excited for this new opportunity. what i find interesting is that there were countless people from readers digest who didnt seem at all happy for me...goes to show that sometimes coworkers really are just that. i made some really amazing friends and contacts at RD that i know i take with me so i know there will always be people that dont care. thats ok. (hello real world).

since accepting my new job, id like to point out that uncle d now considers most of my actions "so maxim"...thank you uncle d for still being the most hilarious person i know.

hurricane sandy. i dont need to elaborate on the devastation (its still being felt) but i will say this...never have i felt so lucky to have such great friends and live in such an epic city. thankfully we never lost power, but many of our friends did so we opened up the doors to our place for everyone to come over (unannounced if they wanted) to shower, eat, hang out, watch some sports, play some games, drink and laugh. thanks made the weirdest week new york has experienced (since what, 9/11?!) pretty special.

so i really love coffee. i know thats not super important, but it needed to be said :)
happy sunday!!


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