post marathon

everyone tells you how sore you are going to be after running a marathon. while thats true, i dont remember anyone mentioning how utterly EXHAUSTED i would be. i have been in bed by 8:30pm for 2 days in a row and i am still so tired.

i give credit to awesome friends for helping me focus on other things than pain after i was done. i did wear compression pants (ive worn them everyday) and have foam rolled, iced and hit the gym to keep my legs from getting too stiff. suffice to say i planned well for the soreness. the exhausted has been kicking my ass, however. holy balls!

as i prepared for the marathon, and now as i sit back and enjoy the completion of it, i have a few favorite lines and pics that kept me motivated. below are a few. enjoy!!! :)

marathon - ANYTHING is possible
 marathon: anything is possible

philly 2012
philly 2012, baby!!


one day :)
#teamkelley philly 2012