hi world! im alive! it was a bit touch and go for a few weeks there.
post maxim NYE i got hit with whatever #frankenflubronchitis was floating around!! then my body decided to add sinusitis to it and a fever so it was a bloody good time.

two great things that came from almost dying:
1. no interest in soda whatsoever
2. ive been eating amazing food, really making an effort

when i get sick, and in this case really sick, my body craves fresh fruits and veggies, warm soups and filling salads. it doesnt, however, crave soda, luna bars, endless pretzels or random snacks. im on a personal health mission and aim to eat really good foods...im a bit of a snacker by nature but im really amped about this. filling my bod with great stuff has been SO FUN!

flick, katie and i get together at least once a week (usually sunday, and sometimes with others) to cook dinner, catch up and honestly laugh our asses off. there is something about great friends (and in this case best friends) that just makes life better. and cooking together just makes everything in life feel like its fabulous. wine never hurts :)

great friends, great food, great laughs. looking to be the motto for 2013! xoxo