its friday, i feel random

its been a long week. or at least its felt like one. im pretty psyched we have monday off...knowing we have a 4-day week next week makes me giggle a bit inside. because, per usual, im a bit tired from the week, ive got a few thoughts id like to share. enjoy :)

- if you dont drink coffee, how do you function? are you a vampire? are you real? for the same reason i dont fully trust people that dont like animals, i dont know that i fully trust people that dont drink caffeine.

- i dont care what you say, i like lance. no, i dont think hed be a good boyfriend or anything but hes a hell of a competitor and i admire that. oh, youre pissed he doped. im sorry, why do you give a fuck? did you give him money or something? if so, it went to livestrong so keep your panties on, hes fighting cancer you uptight asshole. oh, youre pissed he is like every other athlete that competes at his level? im sorry, youre naive. good luck going through life that way.

- post-marathon (and really, post-sickness) my love affair for the elliptical hasnt fully returned. ive been running more (woo! woo!). ive loosened up a bit on myself in regards to working out. dont get me wrong, i still hit it hard...daily or 2x daily if i can, but if i feel like cutting it short a few minutes in the AM or skipping a night workout i dont freak. what is that weird thing people speak of? oh yea, moderation :)

- in about 3 weeks the date will come where i honor my dad being gone for 5 years. can i just say its been the weirdest thing for me to come to terms with. i mean hes been gone for 5 years! just unacceptable :) all i can hope for is that he hears my prayers and is looking down on me smiling, proud of the woman i have become.

alright, i think thats enough for now. TGIF. no really, thank GOD! im heading home to lanc this weekend so heres to hopefully getting a lot of sleep, taking a lot of bodypump and eating great food. aaaand im super excited about getting some cuddle time in with my moms kitties.