#teamnike #teamkelley

lets pretend for a second that my 7-mile run last night was easy. lets pretend it went smoothly.

ok, lets not pretend. it was fucking 30-something degrees (though if you had said it was 0 degrees i would have believed you!) since im still not fully clear from my franken-flu-bronchitis-sinusitis-death it felt harder than normal. the run last night was a scheduled 7 miles. mentally i wanted to push myself to complete the distance, while maintaining a relatively lax pace (9 min/mile in an ideal world). of course running with #teamnike means you dont slack off and we ran the 7 miles in under an hour.

id like to personally thank harlem hill for my massively sore quads today...that hill is no fucking joke. i think im still sore from running CP on saturday too...running the dirt paths was no joke either. WHOA!

each of the runs i have done in the new year was challenging for several reasons:
- not having run for 2 weeks then running distance is not easy. (i know i shouldnt just jump back into 10 mile runs, but shh! ive never been much of a training rule follower)
- im still a bit congested and ITS WINTER. winter running is notoriously hard

running on the best of days is a tough workout. any additional elements you add of course only make it harder. thats what makes it so damn awesome when you do it :)

special thanks to my friends at #teamnike. you guys keep me accountable and i love that about you. see you on our standing date tomorrow night :) xoxo