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my thoughts on lance

for those that havent been living under a rock, lance armstrong has admitted to doping. ive sharing my thoughts on the matter here for a few reasons:

- everyone thinks they should share their opinion on FB. sorry, kids, noone wants your opinion.
- if youre opinion of lance armstrong has come from the past week, youre an ignorant prick. hes been cycling for decades and if all you know of his story has come from E! news, or Oprah your opinion is invalid.

i have followed lance for years, probably since 1997. ive read all of his books, followed his races and sported a livestrong bracelet. he became a bit of an obsession of mine you might day. well, you can say that, my dad did :)

im even pretty sure you can 6-degrees us and find were somehow related. there arent millions of us "armstrongs"

id bet my life on the fact that 100% of successful athletes use some kind of performance enhancing substance. those that dont? you shouldnt care, cause youll never hear about them since they will never win or come close to it. every sport, every success athlete dopes. they just do.

lance armstrong is HUGELY successful and that will always lead to jealousy. the man is a marketing genius, worlds best athlete, and has done more for cancer research than anyone else will ever be able to match. ever since i started following him i loved that he was so competitive. ive been a competitive athlete my whole life...i think i came out of the womb wearing either a tennis skirt, soccer kleats or a gymnastic leotard. i know what it takes to win and i know the feeling you get when you compete. no doubt he seeemed like a dick of a guy when it came to game time: winning was his goal, and he was determined to do it. so pansies in the back of the pack...shut the fuck up and either try harder or bow down to lance.

if i had been competing against him, i would have hated him too. same reason people jab at lebron, kobe and federer. they win too much. um, news flash, its why they get paid. did you start cycling because of lance, start playing tennis because of agassi or roddick or start running because of ryan hall? then they did their job to inspire you. would i suggest you date any of these dudes? hell no. i assume, due to what they have to do to perform at that level, they can be selfish pricks.

i liken this to my love for chris brown. good performer? hell yes! good guy? i mean fuck no. so while i would never let anyone i know date chris brown, if you wanna follow him on twitter, check him out in concert or buy mags simply because hes on the cover then so be it.

these dudes are human. their PR machines do their best to hide this and gloss their lives so you see what they want you to see. noone promises that underneath all that gloss lies a good guy.

man, that feels good to get off my chest. in true hilary fashion, im not going back and rereading this to edit my thoughts. livestrong forever lance, im still with you!!


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