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sometimes perfection really does exist

ok not perfection, at least not how you may think of it. what i mean to insinuate is there are some days/moments in life where the company you are with makes life 'perfect'...this past weekend was that for me.

i think i blogged this same sentiment a couple weeks back when i spent the weekend at home. seems the bigger picture here is im pretty stoked about the company i keep.

so anyway, dowd came down to run the central park half marathon with me. we spent the weekend just being besties...lunches, dinners, desserts, coffee, walks, laughs, memories. it was amazing...honest to god, amazing!!

then came the run :) it was 16 degrees and one of the toughest courses ive run. the course consisted of two 6-mile loops of the park and a 1.1 mile run of the lower loop. the greatest part of it being in central park was the fact that for the 8am run jen and i left my apt at like 7:50am and were at our corral at 7:55am. we attempted to enter a faster corral (bibs were colored to denote how fast you have run previous halves) and we got booted. ha, literally rejected.

my knee flared up at about mile 3 so that royally sucked. it never loosened up so i internally panicked for most of the race. i cranked up tunes at parts in hopes id tune it such luck. ive had this particular pain before...nothing im hoping ice and ibuprofen cant help.

i finished in 1:52...not my best, but certainly a time i am proud of. judging by the way i felt, i definitely didnt think id run anywhere near that fast. jen and i met back up at my apt (good god, its impossible to run together in a race...but we fucking tried) and showered. feeling a bit lethargic, we headed out for coffee and bagels. WELL EARNED GOODNESS!!

spending the day with her was fabulous. we did all of the above activities and just laughed so hard all day. because i love her so much and were such good friends everything is so easy. between us we had so many one-liners and jokes, memories and stories that it reminded me why i dont put up with shitty people in life or fake friends. no need...ive got the real thing.

we talked about her moving to nyc...gooooood god, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so yea, pretty perfect. id say our dads are pretty fucking proud, wouldnt  you?

Photo: in honor of our dads, @jendowd5 and i killed it out there today!


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