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crush or no crush

while i was getting my hair done this weekend, jana (the most amazing hair stylist EVER) and i were chatting about our crushes when she totally asked me "are we too old to crush on guys"..."i mean, is it now called something else?"

my short answer is NO. heres why: while the term "crush" begins and ends with teens, tweens and boy crazy girls like me, i think it perfectly explains the feelings you have for someone when you are into them in a very innocent way. the time before you start to really like someone and get to know them on another level its a crush...its butterflies, its the admiring from afar, etc.

ive had crushes since i was about 3. and before it was other people it was my dad. (dont be weird, its obviously not gross). ive had crushes my whole life. my main issue is translating that into real love....but im working on it. hi, boys of NYC: please be gentleman. please be sweet. please refrain from asking me to sleep with you on our first or second date. please text back. please be genuine and sporty and funny. thank you, management.

im currently crushing. hard. this is exciting cause i havent really liked anyone for a while. in typical hilary fashion, ive just been focused on living my life (while obviously noticing cute boys everywhere) and just havent wanted to do anything about it. im happily domesticating myself and cooking a bunch, continuing to exercise a lot and making it a habit to treat my body well (hello sleep!).

hey blogosphere keep your fingers crossed this crush doesnt turn into a raging douchebag, its about time i met a guy and hung out with a guy that was more than decently cool. update to come :)


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