i think my mom and god are friends

how else would you explain her ability to deal with me?! and find humor and happiness amidst my angst.
ohh wait, shes a bomb-ass mom...thats how.

she and i have mastered this give-and-take deal where we level each other out. so, why dont we just bite the bullet and live together and work together (as ive often said thats when im happiest)?! mom...care to answer? cause, really, maybe we should. when she moves to southern cali and we get jobs together at quik, we will. we'll get a great little spot. this whole business of being away from my mom is just not working for me.

february 8th, 2010 marks the 2 year anniversary of when we lost my dad. 2 fucking years. what kind of shit is that. 2 fucking years. i cant believe how fast that went. and, yet, at the same time, its just still so not fair. this is just another reason that i want to be near one of my bestest, most favoritist people ever....mommma. she makes it all better.

as a way to start this year right, i want to thank you mom. i am not easy and life is not easy. but we always seem to team up and figure it out. i am really lucky to have that. to echo a conversation we had about a week ago, yes life scares me. but, mom, i know we are going to make it. and who doesnt love the roller coaster ride were on...im pretty sure we need to buy helmets :) haha...bright pink, perhaps! :)