heres to the next ten years...

2010, eh?! thats come crazy shit. werent the jetsons living in this time? can you believe they wrote that show this far in the future way back then. good show. we have the walking sidewalks least in airports. we have luggage that folds up...not to the extent george's did, but thats ok. we have robots doing their thing...not living with us to clean, but theyre out there.

i mean, the fact that the show is still so far fetched is pretty cool this long after it aired. those good freakin imaginations.

that said, what are you thinking about the next ten years. it was only 10 years ago that we were celebrating the millenium, and if you were anything like my friends and i, the backstreet boys, carson daly, slushies and boys. (some things never change....haha).

in the next decade (well, 4 years really, as i will be turning 30), id really like to:

-run a marathon (preferably the ny marathon, preferably with drew)
-own a range rover (thanks hubby!) just kidding. hopefully ill be so swamped in money i can buy it!
-and im due to marry one of a couple of boys i have a pact with. its going to be a busy time :)

haha, so there you have it. let me know what you want to accomplish! the best part...not planning! so many things are going to happen that we cant/shouldnt/wont plan for. god bless


Anonymous said…
i want a range rover too... too bad they're like a bazillion jillion dollars. cant i just win the lottery already??