totally unexplainable

for about a week before i headed home for break, i was having a really weird sensation in my head. it felt like vertigo, where my balance was a bit off and my eyes were having trouble focusing. my self diagnosis was either vertigo or a possible migraine (as i did feel a bit nauseated and light was annoying). i ventured down to the office doctor and she thought the same thing (does this mean i can pretty much practice as an MD??).

anyway, she wrote me a prescription for something that i wasnt all that comfortable taking. basically, if its something that i, or anyone i know, has never taken it or even heard of it, i shy away from it unless i am near my mom. she warned me that the medicine could make me sick and not able to drive (um, yea, ok, so thats a "not a chance in hell of taking").

i was casually popping a few pills of ib profin daily (nothing major) and just kind of suffering until i was going to see my mom. she suggested sudafed, as it sounded like it could be a sinus issue.

long story made shorter, i was on the plane flying home for christmas and was completely miserable at this point. for a split second, it hit me. i had cjd. this is what i was suffering with. oh my god. im dying. im not ready. holy shit...where do i begin. i mean, im dying. of course! it has to be cjd. this is totally what my dad had. i wanted to cry to bad out of desperation. i mean, i wasnt ready!! i didnt want to die, but fully believed i was.

i landed, ran to my mom, hugged and kissed her sooo hard and told her my thought. (now, if theres one thing my mom is bad at, its lying). she assured me i wasnt dying. she told me my voice sounded muffled and to start taking sudafed.

basically, i finished a good couple days of ib profin and sudafed, and im all dried up! im back ladies and gentlemen. i wont drag this on, but let me be completely honest. for about 5 seconds i thought my symptoms were the onset of cjd. i cant emphasize enough the power of my mom. i have not been that scared in a really long time.

needless to say that once i regained my saneness we had the greatest 2 days ever. and, rest assured, i will not be practicing medicine. i think ill leave that to the pros :) haha. nothing like a little adrenaline to get the ol' system running though. holy shit. this kelley girl wants to be around a bit longer :)

thanks, oh man. no words :)