yea, hi, real life?! yea, um, its me. hilary...

...and i think we need to have a chat. why is it that you are trying to cramp my style?! filing taxes...yea, um, im not really interested. tracking down 1099s, interest rates, and w-2s is not really my thing.

dont get me wrong, im a smart girl. i always file early, and obey the law. but i have come to find that real life really starts to kick you in the ass as you get older. what happened to the good ol' days when my biggest concern was that i would have my bagel ready to watch cartoons. or that we had enough ice cream in the freezer. or that i just wanted to be outside getting dirty, play with toys and obsess over boys. haha, that last one has remained ;)

anyway, the point is, fun doesnt have to leave us! if youre anything like my friends and i...immaturity rules! blast the backstreet boys. get a slushie. have sleepovers. bake. watch crap TV. gossip about boys. make tshirts. do it all. we do...and we forge to be forever young!!!!!