will you accept this rose?

seeing as its monday, and the bachelor is on (it gets a bit of attention at work), i thought itd be funny to incorporate that into the blog. have you watched this season? im going to be honest and say that i am forever scarrred from the show since andy went on it a few years back. you never, and i mean never, want to see a neighbor you grew up with (who you know entirely too much about) making out (and whatever else) with a bunch of crazies. its gross. and i can handle just about anything you throw at me. that was a bit too much.

i have seen a bit of an episode though, i will admit. hes cute. i mean, hes no andy roddick...matt damon...or countless other people who get my blood a-going. but hes cute. and polite. frankly, i dont watch too much tv. when i do have it on, i flip...i like family guy (LOVE!!), house, two and a half men, and sometimes i just love me some crap tv. there really arent any shows that "i cant miss, oh my god i must tivo, holy shit i cant miss it, i have to be home for this" shows. do you have any?


C. Hughes said…

I'm enjoying your blog. What a riot. Try Modern Family on Wedesday nights. Hilarious!!!