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i cant believe its been two years

you know, i would have revelled in enjoying the super bowl with my dad yesterday. even if we lived apart, we could have, and most certainly would have, bet, laughed and enjoyed the sport. celebrating the wildcats being #1 in the pac-10 this season?!...yea, wed be going nuts together. running those half marathons, being my advice guru, being dad. i was always in awe of him. to this day, i ache to be compared to him, even on the smallest level. i gaze loningly at pictures of us, of him, of our family. i love watching home videos and reading notes he wrote me. he was my strength. its really hard being a girl sometimes. i know i am smart and athletic and i work hard and im pretty cool. i know i am a good sister, daughter and friend. the magic that my dad had was being able to make me truly live it. truly believe it...even at my weakest point. he was dad. i mean there really arent many things cooler than the relationship between a dad and his daughter. we were so much alike, and i was so happy to learn to be more like him (run harder even if it hurt...put in the extra 5 minutes on something, shower daily (haha, for those that reallllly know me, this will surely make you laugh), tease those you love, and eat movie popcorn). best of youre body is a temple. but that doesnt mean skimp dessert...the man could down thos M& the handful.

thats what i loved. he was so full of contrasts. run 6 miles, but love dessert. make fun of mom and i, but be super sensitive. talk to me about boys, but not want tooooooooooo many details (those pictures scarred him im sure....right mom!!??) hahahaha. same rule applied with womanly issues (though i did love to make him squirm talking about getting breast implants). he was super macho and manly, but let me keep him in line...pluck those gray hairs, trim the eye brows, etc. we had a joke constantly that it would be my job to never let him be that guy that has hair sticking out in gross places. i took care of it :)

i am forever humbled by his confidence in me. i mean, if someone that gorgeous, that smart, that ambitious, that cool, that important, that funny, that popular, that rad, that suave, that loved, that meaningful sees all that in me, then it must be true. losing him makes me extremely possessive of my own life. it deserves only the best, as i will not invite a douche into my life where hw doesnt belong. i have to protect me, mom and dads honor. i realize how fleeting things seem. some things lost value when i lost dad. some things lost taste and color. some lost importance. what i know is this: what i aim to do, work for and attain is for the greater good of the kelley girls. me and mom. we are a tag team and i know that whats mine is hers. we aim to rule the world, and i want to do it with her by my side. i want to be her wingwoman.

today, as is the case every day, i honor john kelley. he was one in a million and defies definition. words and type dont do him justice. he was king kelley. always will be. i will forever smell him, see himm, talk to him, touch him, aim for him, work for him, live his honor, test his will and march forward. s.kelley: its you and me babe. i am one lucky kelley girl :)


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