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its cool, if i werent me id want to steal my identity too.

"hello, this is wells fargo. we have been deemed recent activity on y our account to be fraudelent. if you could please call us back, that would be great"

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!? yea, i called back immediately. (i dont pick up my phone at work unless its uber important...and yes, calls from mom are uber important, so this call went unanswered. at first. i saw i got a voicemail...hmm, weird number and a i listened. and heard that my account looked fishy). now, if theres one thing about me, its this: i am not that super annoying person who looks at every penny of her statement versus what she records. yes, after having worked at a bank, i will tell you, if this is you, its really annoying. remain extremely on top of what you spend/make. just not to a crazy, obsessive, to-the-penny OCD level.

before all the weird charges even got to my account, they jumped on it. i am super impressed with wells fargo, and will toast with a celebratory glass of wine when my money is returned. long story short, some doofus spent over $500 on yahoo and other small stores. i am able to not get super stressed about it as i know that is how best to handle it, and (hopefully soon), my money will be returned and i will get a new card. while i find it really irritating to have to use checks right now (i wish you all could have seen me writing a check out at the grocery store the other morning. i felt like such a mom!)...thats a small price to pay.

but, the bigger picture issue is this. why do people do this shit?! whats mine is NOT yours, unless i love you. and this little bugger does not fit that criteria. dude, get a job. i have one. that money you are taking...i worked for it. you need to do the same. if you can be a prick enough to get someones ID, you can cook burgers...and fries. apply. or, at least, if you take my identity, buy something cool. haha, just kidding. no, really...KIDDING. leave me alone.

anyway, just another example of crazy shit my friends feel always seems to happen to me. go figure.

it got me thinking though...if you are smart enough to get someones ID, why not try and track down a dude with a lot of money?! they may not notice as much as someone like me, who, doesnt have millions. just sayin...


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