did you feel the love?

ahh yes, valentines day. the day where we feel pressure to wow the pants off those we love. its the greatest day for 10 year olds...you spend the day in school decorating boxes and giving candy to the boys and girls you secretly crush on every day. you give out candy hearts that say exactly what you want to convey. "i heart you" becomes okay to say to the silly little boy you sit across from without feeling shy or vulnerable. i mean, its valentines day, its ok to flirt!

nowadays people have taken the simplicity out of it. you MUST make reservations at the trendiest restaurant, receive the biggest bouquet of flowers, get chocolate, get breakfast in bed, get a diamond, go on vacation, get proposed to, go to the moon and get a puppy. if he doesnt do these things, he doesnt love you right?! no wonder people hate valentines day. its really just a day meant to remind us all to stop for a second and make sure those we love know it. this should be enjoyable.

there is nothing better than getting a well-written, loved up note from family or friends. my dad always did it  best. said everything he wanted to say, and you could always keep it to read later.

this year was hard. being away from my mom. being without my dad. i had a heavy feeling in my heart. i got a knock on my door late afternoon and was handed a beautiful bouqet of assorted flowers. the note read something like this, "just wanted to sweeten your day. i thought about sending snow, but thought this was more appropriate". it was from one of my fondest friends...and earliest loves, the dear richard robinson.

no idea how or why he sent them. he got my address from my mom. quite frankly i was humbled. i mean that really is one of the most thoughtful gestures. what a guy!!! thanks again rr :)

hopefully you all had a fantastic love day. i want you to all know i was thinking about you. i am a very lucky girl to have so many people that i love so dearly, and that love me back.



skpa said…
This is so great Hilary!!!!