feb first

lets start the month off right...(by wishing you a veryyyy happy february of course)!! i guess its considered the month of love...what are your plans?

this also means that spring cant be far behind, right? i hope so. spring and summer are such fun times of the year. and, quite honestly, i want to be tan again. my body really, and i mean REALLY needs color. i dont want to go tan or anything (at least yet) cause its still too early to show it off. and thatd be a waste.

man, hard to believe its already feb 1. that was a pretty fast month. just this morning, while i was getting dressed, it hit me that i live in los angeles, and have done so for 7 months. wow! 7 months! so much has happened, so many things have been done. but i mean its still kinda weird that i live in LA. (however, i am reminded every time i think about my mom....)...but i digress....

its also a time we "celebrate" (a term i use VERY loosely) the 2 year anniversary of the passing of daddio. i had a good tear-up last night, and have been talking to him a lot lately. id really like a visit. the other day my windshield wipers went crazy (as in, turned on full blast and kept finatically going every few seconds for about 10 minutes. then turned off). i hadnt touched a thing. it wasnt raining. this has happened a few times before since we lost dad...maybe its "our thing". he knows that by doing that i will know its him talking to me. i absolutely believe this to be true. so, thanks dad! i heard you loud and clear :) haha...

hope everyone is having a happy monday, a good start to february and an all around good day.

ill check back later :)