the company you keep says a lot about you...

i LOVE my friends. this past weekend was yet another ridiculous example of why i love my crew. we met up at craigs around 9. not going to lie, i approached the night as though i was going to head home around midnight...get a good sleep and wake up bright-eyed on sunday. haha. ohh sometimes i really can be naiive, huh?!

anyway, got to craigs, we tackled beer. we played violent video games (killing each other in heinous ways), and got a little to nuts with board games. this crew is not afraid to make penis jokes, sex, gross situations, violence or teenage humor a part of the night. (part of what is so god damn funny and made my stomach hurt so bad!). needless to say we got pretty drunk and didnt make it "out out"...but we all had the funniest, most ridiculous time trying to one-up each other at various games. round 2 will come soon. i havent laughed so hard in the longest time. im talking tears-down-your-face laughing. i made it home after 3. at least i think.

AND ITS OFFICIAL! mom is coming march 25. oooo ooooo weee oooooo. it will have been 3 months since i have seen her. EW. and had a day for mommy/daughter stuff. i never get those. holy shit, i cant wait. I CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, ill keep it in control for now.

i cant wait for summer. i hope its pretty warm when mom comes out here...i know we both want sun. im done with cold and rain. blah blah :) i want some 'kini time!!!

alright folks, i got myself all riled up now...back to work.