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odds and ends

for starters: the university of arizona wildcats are #1 in the pac-10. suck it stanford!
*lets hope this means that uncle dwight will be padding my pocket with $5 this season. hell yea!! go cats :)

is it just me or has the super bowl lost its oomph? i dont really think the commercials (lets face it, the clear reason we all watch it in the first place) have been that good in the past few years. the half time show has straight up sucked. hopefully itll be fun this year...just chillin with the boys (yea!!!)...but im more excited for that than the actual game. maybe its partly due to the fact that i cant have fun with it with my dad. we cant bet. we cant laugh about it. grr.

how about valentines day?! no boyfriend this year...haha, and we all know how my valentines day went last year: a recap in case you forget --- (hello aaron, sure id love to pay the hotel bill you sent me. yes, absolutely you fucktard). douche.

i have a crush on tons of boys...i flirt all the time and even like to kiss a few...hehe, but no real crush. you know, the kind that really aches your heart. people keep telling me its coming and that im going to get hit over the head with my next one. that, or im marrying craig. we already talked about it, and decided that if hes not married by 28-29 we will marry (i am one year older). he loves the idea. haha, half the battle right?! he told me, "just say the word..."

speaking on aaron, i wanted to update you on the fact that i have not seen him since my birthday (nov. 15th). havent spoken, texted, emailed, facebooked or anything of the like since christmas. funny, huh?! i find it very interesting. i get it...were done dating. i think hes gay. friends and family think hes gay. (or bi, for sure!). but, what i do wish he would have done was call to check in to make sure i was ok in such a new city. check in to find out how we are all doing...with dad, with changes, hows my mom, how am i, do i need anything, can he help. simple things like that. but he doesnt ask. never did. good guy that one ;)

besties ali and katie are planning to come visit soon! god damn itll be great. just amazing. then mom is coming. we havent finalized dates yet, but just knowing its in the pipeline...i love it!!

cant wait to head home...been a long day. happy monday (once again)


C. Hughes said…
Loved the Betty White commercial!

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