because its friday...

from the lovely ladies at Glamour, here are 12 things every woman deserved in life:

1. a statement bag, even if the statement is "who cares about statement bags"

2. more than one square foot of space on any form of public transportation (umm, id suggest never moving to nyc then. this just doesnt exist. and if you try to gain personal space someone will push you, yell at you or flat out punch you. ok, maybe not actually punch you. but probably)

3. fresh flowers once a week. self-picked dandelions count. (remember when you were little and you rubbed dandelions on your face? no? only i did that? ohh, ok)

4. a say in whether and when you become a mother. (if im ready now, does the boy have to say yes?)

5. love you can feel, even from 1000 miles away. (or 3000. ha)

6. a few days filled with flip-flops, tropical sunsets and the sound of steel drums. (or, if youre a kelley, wear sandals and shorts all year round)

7. a teen mom marathon the day youre home with a fever (i can think of  a million shows id rather watch, but you get the idea)

8. at least one person you can call at 3:28am. (haaaa)

9. the shinier hair, thicker lashes or plumper lips you just shleed out $12.99 for

10. orgasms on demand, sans or avec partner

11. one pet (yours or someone elses) who has a special thing for your lap

12. a truly excellent profile picture

i added my comments in parenthesis. i feel it gives it a bit of a personal touch. that, and i always read these with such sarcasm that i feel compelled to comment. i dont totally feel the whole list, so i feel like i need to give my 2 cents.