its monday baby!
i was pretty much in and out of the apt yesterday, but caughts snippets of the newest season of the real world on mtv. (ps, anyone else think this is the most ironic name for this show? should be called "spring break". or "drunken hook up". or just plain "sex and alcohol" or "std giveaway"). anyway, i digress. they showed one of the roommates having a tender moment regarding how he was going to tell him roommates hes on a show called "fratpad" where dudes live together and are pretty much naked and do crazy things, have sex and who knows what else. he emphasizes that he isnt gay.

my confusion here is this: how are you that cool with all that stuff when you arent gay? i have a ton of guy friends (both gay and straight) and none of the straight guys would just chill with each other naked. or touch each other with their shirts off. or have sex with each other for entertainment. or videotape it for youtube.

um yea. google it...let me know what you think.
i have my thoughts...and im pretty confident in what i am thinking.

continuing on the trash tv train, tonight is the finale of  the bachelor.
while i couldnt care less, sometimes its fun trash tv. granted, its always more fun when you like the dude.
i just dont feel that attracted to a 39 year old. not being ageist (hes cute, sweet), im just not there.

im stinking tired today. i slept so bad last night. ugh.
we have an older guy in the office who lost his father a week ago. hes still out.
looking back, i really wish i had taken time off. can i bank those days now? i just didnt have the
luxury to take days off without pay...i support myself and needed the money. kinda makes me
appreciate salaries.

im moving in super slow-mo today. this post has taken me about 6 hours. lordy. im just hitting send, and will write something more profound later. heres to enjoying some trash tv later.