bestest birthday week

hApPy bIrThdAy b!!!!!!

while it started this past weekend, we are celebrating the life of my bestest this whole week.
ill start by saying it was the most awesome weekend.

a few of the highlights:

I fell in love. oh, like your surprised. ha!

no really, I did.

Arizona WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won a backrub and $2. it was a BIG deal.

I don’t know how to sleep anymore.

we lived on chips and guac, cake and ice cream, butter and biscuits, pizza, wings, beer and french fries this weekend. nope, don’t feel bad. fatter, but not bad.

we went to the comedy cellar and have never laughed so hard and had so much fun…the headliner was colin quinn. he was by far the worst comic, which tells you how great the rest were.

we had a brunch for around 14 people…when it came time to sing ali happy birthday, the next tables over joined our fun. were fun people

I shared my cake spoon with a cute boy.

im now obsessed with hint-of-lime tortilla chips. they are crack in chip form. right, ali?? ha!

I gave myself a hair trim. ha!

im confident that i will survive this week...but its TOUGH. there have been points during the day when its actually been hilariously painful how tired i am. 10000000% worth it. did i mention i have a crush?? poor guy :) haha.
there was sooo much more to the weekend, but the highlights do a pretty good job summarizing. why did this week start with such shitty weather?? hi spring! come back. thanks.


Anonymous said…
ohh excited to hear about the crush...i have an obsession for the pico de gallo...

sounds like an excellent weekend!