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hiiii bloggies.
the other day i received a notice that both email and blog were down. not only that, but my blog was deleted from the web. i freaked!!!!!! FREAKED! (cue spaz jokes here)

annnnyway, after a shit show of me desperately trying to figure it out (no thanks to google, who has NO customer service. yea, wtf?! isnt that illegal nowadays??), we are back!! after my initial panic reaction to reading googles help page of this particular issue telling me its common with instances of copyright infringement, web harrasment or other horrible things, i racked my brain trying to come to terms with how i did this.

well, rest assured i didnt. were back. google had a minor meltdown.

thank GOD its thursday.
thank GOD.
dont have a real reason to be super dramatic...just kinda felt like it for a second.

did i tell you all about my blind date last saturday night?? yea. thats for another was A.B.S.U.R.D
he was sweet and seemed fine...our conversation was crazy. no knock on him, seriously. lord knows im all sorts of weird, and crazy, and spazzy. ill just preface it by saying he used the word orgasm about 15 times within the first 3 minutes. it just get insanse from there. yep. thats right. thats what happens when you go on a blind date in goddamn NYC. ill tell  you what, im so happy i did it. i have officially gone on a blind date. it just confirms to myself (if thats necessary, haha) that i am me again. happy, open, excited and willing to try. i feel like my heart and soul and head are all lightening again. i feel the energy of NYC. i was a bit closed off there for a while (yes i think it was necessary. and no, i do not think it was a bad thing. yes i did it on purpose, and no i do not regret it. i challenge you to lose your dad, lose your identity and lose your balance and see what happens. yes, you wanna lose your mind).

dating was not a priority for me for a time being. i will never be the type of girl who "needs" a boyfriend. i just wont. some boys dont like that. i understand how that can be frusterating. believe me, i know ill find a cool boy worthy some day. and i hope he finds me. until then, i will enjoy being boy crazy in a town with 9 million options. ha!!!!!!!

lots more to say. must go though. bye bye!


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