i love ny.

you know whats funny? i have come to love sex and the city so much more now that i live here. granted, i agree with tim in that, life is NOTHING like that. literally...nothing like it at all. how in the world does a freelance writer buy manolos all the time?! or how do all 4 girls get to eat lunch with each other every day?! yea, exactly. not real. what i love is the absurdity of it all. but its kinda true, it certainly skews what people think is attainable/real/cool, etc. real is way cooler. but thats why its a tv show, right?!

i officially declare myself a bicoastal lifer. i have love for both coasts, and people i adore and couldnt live without on both.
i prefer shorts to pants, but have rediscovered the thrill of winter. i still hate winter coats but love the feel of new york. there is an energy and magic here that make you feel alive, and enough crazy here to make you feel normal.

so, here we are again, monday. lets dance.