funniest item of the day.

mom, this is for you.

i was planning a presentation with a coworker of mine for total cereal.
their team is coming in to see what we have put together, as well as show us some stuff.

long story short, my coworker (andrew) was like, i wonder if theyd care if we called it totes.
"totes cereal. its totes delicious"

without hesitation, i declared it genius. pure, marketing genius. i was like "its a shoe-in to grab the younger audience and make it cool. total cereal would be so hip"

granted, that WILL NOT be the real marketing campagin we present to them.
but i think its pretty fabulous! watch this space in case it happens. hahaha! you heard it here first.


Anonymous said…
haha thats great hilary! hope to see "totes" hitting the shelves soon ;)