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my streak ended.

i cracked today. ok, lets rewind. heres how my day went.

- i left my house at 6am this morning and got home at 7pm. yes, there was some stress eating. gross.
- i dropped my ipod in a sidewalk grate on the way to work. sweet.
- the boy i hung out with on saturday has not asked to hang out again. go me! this is not helping my "im pretty sure i will be dying alone" syndrome.
- i need to lose 5-10 pounds.
- i will be spending the next 2 days in bumfuck new york during a work conference. yehaw!
- on a lighter, funnier note, bret michaels has my personal cell number and will be calling me thursday.
- life made me sad today, so i cried. i knew it was know when you can just feel it?
- i got a bill for $700 for my mole removal. maybe i should have just taken the cancer. fuck.
- i know its my fault, but ive been out late a lot and havent gotten enough sleep. so im in a great mood ;)
- i feel the way a team feels when their coach is not at the game. they can still play well, as they are trained and ready, but having coach on the sideline just feels better. thats how i feel about my dad not being here. sometimes i just feel empty, sad, confused, average or like screaming "what the fuck".
- im getting my period in a few days so im pretty sure thats whats fueling all this.

starting monday i will be switching over to training mode. roomie and i are planning to run in the nyc half marathon march 20th. we each have to raise $1500. in the meantime, i will be overindulging as i have no choice (work, work, work, work, dinners out, drinking weekend, etc. armstrongs and mom will be here this weekend too, so DUH to fun!). then i will get serious. i have a PR to make happen.


Anonymous said…
I think you look perfect and do not need to lose any lbs! Good luck with the training though, that will certainly make you feel better to get out and run more though. Which cause are you raising $ for?

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