porkstravaganza 2012 ruled.

a big shout out to the amazingness that has become our new years day tradition. now that we dont live at home, i think its sooo cool that a bunch of us get together to celebrate being hung over from new years eve and cook amazing food and drink dozens of bottles of champagne, wine and beer. the picture is a snapshot of a few of the more intense things we cooked.

we also took a torch to broule bacon, made meatballs and had vegan desserts. it was pretty epic.

this party went for 12 hours...we cooked sick amounts of food and drank sick amounts of alcohol. i spent new years day with some of my favorite people and even met a few new ones. one in particular i fancy :) while said crush isnt in the below picture, a couple of my fave guy friends are.

after crashing at matts house last night (guy in the above pic all the way to the left) i am exhausted!! i am super dreading work tomorrow. why do we have to go back to real life?