PBR 2012!

it is that time again...heading to the PBR this saturday! i had one of the most fun nights of my life last year and cant wait to go again.

i only own one plaid shirt so i decided to buy one. my roomie also offered up hers so i actually have 2 options. i just got back from hollister (its so awkward/weird/annoying/hot/frsuterating to go in there after the age of 15. really)...tho the dude with the abs was funny.

itll be between my roomies purple/black top or my aqua/navy one. last resort could be a repeat of last year, but really, thas embarrasing. i can and should be able to not repeat an outfit 2 years in a row.

its pretty incredible its already been a year since the last time we went to the PBR. im pretty stoked to say hello to all those guys we met last year...that was a pretty amazing night. i see some more dancing in my future. and pictures! hellllo pictures!...on a superficial note, itll be nice not to have odd orange/reddish hair in photos. what the hell was that?!

have you noticed that this week is dragging. like going stupid slow? yea, me too. annoying :)