picture evidence of the 2012 PBR

the PBR was crazy intense last night. it was an absolute ball but had a few moments where im pretty sure some cowboys are forever broken. the last rider of the night got bucked off the bull after 6.5 seconds only to be trampled 4 times. he even got kicked in the face!

the most insane thing to me is that had he held on for 1.5 more seconds not only would he have won the night, but he would have been fine. instead, he was carried off on a stretcher, pretty much lifeless.

on a lighter note, they had a jousting competition. yes, just like medieval times. i dont really understand how they score jousting, but it was cool to watch.

i invited sean to be my date for the night. hes super cool and we had fun.

huge thank you to uncle A...im loving this yearly PBR tradition. cant wait for PBR 2013.