hey, its OK!

...to decide that if wearing uggs is wrong, you dont want to be right.

...to really enjoy crying at the movies. as in, sobbing.

...to shove it in the closet and consider your place cleaned. (haha...hmmm, me? nah...)

...to pretend to text message to get out of talking with that hyper-chatty person standing
next to you. its called communi-faking, and we all do it. (haha, omg, YESS!)

...to refuse to air kiss and just plant one on em.

...to own driving gloves, riding boots and a motorcycle jacket, even if youre a
passenger-seat kind of girl.

...to pray that your boss never tries to friend you on facebook. awkward!

...to not do a card, dinner or gifts on valentines day...love:still free.