happppy new year!!!

happpy 2009! i hope everyone had a fun new years eve. mine was pretty low key this year. it was pretty ridiculously cold here, so my mom and i decided to go see a movie after work. we saw slumdog millionaire. one of the best movies i have seen in a long time. absolutely awesome! just be sure you stay in your seat after its over...there is a really fun/cool dance scene at the end that my mom and i stood for...little awkward. haha.

the movie ended around 9:30. i got home and hung out a bit while trying to think about what i was going to do. i was talking with a bunch of different people that were all being unenthused about wanting to go in the cold...so we all just spent the night talking to each other on the phone. actually pretty fun :)

my mom and i were discussing new years resolutions. i feel like there are always things i am trying to work on throughout the year...do better, smarter, faster, etc. that i dont want to wait until december 31 to declare it a resolution for the next year. that is why i am choosing to continue to live my life, and work hard and be the best i can be. that said, there are definitely things i specifically want to do next year (but dont fall under "resolutions").

*in 2009 i would like to do more with CJD. i want to raise money for various races i run in, and continue to help raise awareness. i want to find out if i can get a john kelley bracelet made like the one i got for my birthday. the list goes on and on...but those are a few things on my mind. watch this space...i hope to have a few fun things happening in my life :)