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a must read!

national bestseller "the last lecture" by randy pausch. i read it in 12 hours...and thats with a nights sleep in the middle. for those that dont know what this book is about (and i didnt until someone bought it for my mom and she let me read it first since i sometimes get bored at work late at night), its about a computer science prof at carnegie mellon and his 'last lecture' given to his students (and others). usually profs are asked to give these lectures as a way to impart wisdom...a way to explain what they would do if it really was their last lecture.

randys was different. he really was dying, and this really was his last lecture. he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. he was given 3-6 months. this book is a powerful read into the mind of a smart and successful man, given a death sentence, and how he must learn to find the optimism in everyday not to give up for his famiy and himself.

i think what i enjoyed most about this book was how many similarities i found within our own fight with dad. randy was constantly told he looked too good to be sick, he was so healthy, so fit. he still went to work, and his wife and colleagues still thought of him as a workaholic. he missed his wifes 41st birthday due to his commitment to this last lecture he so desperately wanted to give. he believed in the simple things...disneyworld, childhood dreams, and allowing kids to grow up and become what they want, not what they think they should be. the whole thing made me think of dad. all of it.

i could talk about this book for days, and still not say everything i loved about it. life is precious, this we know. it makes you think, though, for a second about all the faces you pass everday. about all the stories that walk by everyday...wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. everyone is going somewhere, coming from somewhere. some are having really bad days, some really great ones. the outside never tells the whole story.

so, thank you suey (our friend who bought the book). this book was incredible. i enjoyed every page of this 200+ page book. yes, i got a bit sad. he was a good one. perfect, no. always good, no. had a perfect family and marriage, no. he was real. he had great wisdom. he had great ideas, and was always looking to improve himself and those around him. i am inspired by that.

and dad...youre in this book. our story is in this book. one day i will write your battle, your last lecture. though i feel that you are never done speaking, i want others to be blessed with even a small piece of you. i was fortunate enough to know you, and be at the receiving end of you for 24 years. i want the world to know your name. i love you.


they show it on tv sometimes, drew and i have watched it before. what a great guy huh?

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