a timeout with hilary

ok, so just a few random things going in this lil ol' life o' mine.

*first of all, im OBSESSED with this new singer, lesley roy. her song unbeautiful is on the radio now. omg, i cant get enough. (haha you can ask my mom, ive been trying to sneak her on at work like every other song!!) haha. any awesome artists i should look into?? my mom and i are always looking for new ones to play at work.

*thievery corporation is another great one. check them out!

*aaron is coming on friday for one night. he is being honored at hempfield high school and has asked me to be ther with him. it means a lot to him he said. his parents will be there. ok so im totally in love (in hilary world). why cant he be? i get the whole 3000 mile thing is a bitch. but, for the past 10 months we have done a pretty impressive job at talking, visiting, and keeping in touch. we talk all the time, and try to see each other pretty much monthly. thats gotta mean something. dad, if youre reading this, i neeeeeeeeeed help!!!!!!! am i crazy?! does he like me!?!? he sucks at the little things, but thats a guy thing right!? :) haha...

*mark your calendars!! san francisco half marathon on july 26th (dads birthday!!!!!). drew, rachel and i want to run it...and are going to be raising money. spread the word!!

*im getting a little nervous for aaron. i know, im sorry, i really am boy crazy. some things just dont change. haha...

back later in the week for another installment :) love you all!


haha good luck with aaron..comon hes gotta like you, he wouldnt have invited u to go with him, he wouldnt still talk to u. boys are BAD BAD BAD about long distance relationships. They tend to be so much more physical and less analytical...10 months is a long time to just be casual long distance "friends" unfortunately, to be honest the relationship can never move forward with that much distance in between....only in movies hehehehee!