its funny how memories hit you sometimes...

so i was in the shower this morning shaving my legs and i just had to giggle cause i remembered when dad was sick and we had to help him out with all of that. i say i giggled because, though the underlying situation was not funny in the least, tweezing dads eyebrows, trimming his nose hair, washing his face, and shaving his face were. there was one time where i was shaving him and he was joking with me about how he probably shouldnt trust me with a razor, but ultimately he had to.

ever since i started shaving at the tender age of 12 or so, i have always found a way to cut myself. there was one time i was in the shower and i got cocky and thought id finally shaved without a problem! lo and behold i dropped the razor and sliced my toe! haha. i mean, what?!?!

so, anyway back to my story. dad and i used to get a kick out of teasing me about my problem. i always used to get such a kick out of making him laugh about it. you know the cutest part? he actually let me continue to do it despite my horrible history. he actually enjoyed it every time.

just one of those funny things that i remembered this morning. happens all the time. i will continue to share all those little things that keep coming back to me. what a guy he was....what a guy. (and no, i havent gotten any better at shaving...haha)