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glamour put together a list of ten things they would do if they were men for a day. while
i think a few are funny, it got me thinking...there are some funny things to do. read this list and
maybe think about what you would do if you were a guy for a day. chug a beer? scarf a pizza? burp? fart? such a cliche...i know guys do other things...scratch? haha, just kidding.

*braid our leg hair. (eww?)

*eat five pieces of bacon instead of six. lose a pound.

*pee in the snow. maybe first thing.

*have an orgasm in the amount of time it takes a woman to find
the vibrator in her underwear drawer.

*shirt. pants. shoes. done.

*take to our bed for the entire day expecting 24/7 nursing care for
the worst cold in the history of the world, and then spring up for
work bright and early the next morning.

*secretly watch oprah.

*secretly tear up while secretly watching oprah.

*lift 100 punds over our head. just because we can.

*earn a couple extra grand just for having the right kind of genitals.

so, like i said, a few were funny. some true. some kinda dumb. but, all entertaining.
and it does make you think...what would you do if you were a man for a day. or, if youre
a guy reading this, what would you do if you were a woman for a day? too scared to think
about it guys? - cant blame you, i would be too. haha.


hmmm i dunno, if i were a idea what I would want to do...thats a tough one. I suppose it would just be to see if people reacted differently to my personality as a man rather than a woman...? what would ur first thing be??

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